Quality, easy lighting kindling produced from locally grown Pine or Cedar timbers. This kindling will aid lighting for log burners and open fires. The timber used will provide aromatic scents when burnt.


Size of Kindling / Price

Small Box (40cm x 30cm x 15cm

£5.00 with any firewood order

Large Box (60cm x 40cm x 20cm)


£10.00 with any firewood order

The firewood is sourced locally from sustainable woodland. This reduces effects on the environment and the financial cost to the customer by limiting the transport distances. There is a misconception that burning logs for heat ruins the environment and adds to global warming. However, firewood is not a fossil fuel and comprises of carbon molecules recently fixed from the surrounding environment. If these logs are burnt the carbon molecules are released as carbon dioxide but will not add to the total amount of carbon dioxide in the world. If the tree was not cut down for firewood it would mature, die and eventually rot, thus releasing the carbon it had trapped from the atmosphere. To counter the effects of global warming it is important to re-grow or replant trees (trapping more carbon dioxide) which can be used as firewood or timber. Effectively every log burnt to provide heat stops us burning coal, oil or gas which does have an effect our environment.