Bulk Bags of Firewood 

These logs are dried and seasoned ready to burn on your fire. They are conveniently supplied in 90cm x 90cm x 90cm bulk bags, which we are happy to recycle. Logs are cut to 10 inches in length and split to approximately 3-5 inches in diameter. Loads contain only the best quality hardwood timbers.  All firewood supplied in bags is suitable to burn on open fires.

See map for delivery

Type of Timber and its Attributes

Silver Birch             

Clean burning and easy lighting with a good heat output. 


£90.00 plus delivery (see map)


Maple Mix               

A good clean, easy lighting firewood with good heat output.


£95.00 plus delivery (see map)



One of the best firewoods as it is very dense. This allows it to burn hot and clean.


£105.00 plus delivery (see map)



The highest calorific timber that grows in the British Isles. High heat and long lasting.


£105.00 plus delivery (see map)


Reported to be the best firewood. Easy to light and clean to burn.


£120.00 plus delivery (see map)


Sweet smelling timber that generates lots of heat. A very desirable firewood.


£130.00 plus delivery (see map)


Slow burning firewood with good heat and coaling properties.


£110.00 plus delivery (see map)